Friday February 28th 2020


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All I Need Is Wings

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  Let me clarify this first, yes, I know my truck is not a jet.  Good, now that we got that straightened out, we can get down to business.

When it comes right down to it, I’m a Ford truck guy.  I got a truck because I wanted and needed a truck.  Everything else I get out of my Ford truck is a complete bonus.  Mileage, power, speed, handling and so on.  If I was really worried about about my fuel mileage I would have bought a hybrid.  If I really needed to do 0-60 in 5 seconds then I would have got a Porsche, or a supercharger.

What I’m talking about is taking your Ford truck and making it even better than before.  Getting the most and making the most of out of your truck.  Having the best of all worlds, or as close as you can.  The question is, if you could afford it, why wouldn’t you want to make your truck to perform better.  I know, I know, there are some of you out there that figure what you have is good enough for you.  No problem, I’m extremely happy for you, but for the rest of us?

Just from adding the standard mods, cold air intake, exhaust and programmer, has woken my truck right up.  Passing, climbing, acceleration have all vastly improved.  There is nothing like the feeling of doing 60 mph (100 km/h) and stepping on it.  Next thing you know you’re blowing by everything on your way past 100 mph (160 km/h) and your F150 still wants to give more.  Now all I need is wings and my rocket could take flight.  Not everyone wants to do these kinds of speeds in a truck (I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone or most people) but sometimes it’s nice to have this kind of ability.  This is just from simple bolt-on modifications withoutgetting into superchargers or more expensive engine mods even.

All I need now is to add some sway bars, lower it a bit more and watch my handling improve.Look out Le Mans, here I come….just kidding but you get the idea anyways. It’s amazing what some bolt-on modifications can do. The only problem is, where do you stop? I know I’m not ready to yet.

The really nice things about the modifications I’ve done to my truck is, if I really want to drive it like a little old man (not like my Dad or Grandpa mind you, they both have lead feet) I can get better fuel mileage out of it. The problem that lies within though, is to try to drive it normal. That’s the hard part I have with it.

For now, I am more than happy with how my rocket, er, truck performs and look forward to adding more to see what I can really get out of it. I’ll never be ready for a mini-van, grown out of a mustang (until the mid-life crisis hits) and I might always be way to young for a Lincoln Continental but….they can fly all on their own!