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Hellwig products Air Springs System

Spring has sprung and the Summer is just around the corner. It’s time to load up the camper and search for those fishing spots your buddies told you about.  Oh wait, you need to redo the back yard first before your fun in the sun can begin.  So what’s on your to-do list? New fence posts, a few loads of gravel, put in that new brick walkway and get rid of those dead trees.  Sounds like a lot of work and hauling is going to be happening with your truck. No matter how you look at it, whether you’re loading a camper or you’ve just loaded up from your trip to the local home improvement center,  you’re putting a major strain on your trucks rear suspension.

One of the things I am sure you’ve noticed while your truck was heavily loaded was how differently it handled and that unsightly sag in the rear. Hellwig Products has a solution for this problem and it comes by way of their Air Spring System, also known as air bags. Their air spring system  can greatly improve the control and handling of your vehicle as well as ride height while under heavy load.  Air bags won’t increase the load capacity, or GVWR,  but what they will do is help you carry it better, smoother and more importantly, safer.

You have the ability with air bags to keep the load level by independently adjusting the air in each bag which works well especially with campers that generally have the water tanks on one side.  Their air spring system  can  drastically  reduce  body roll and improve side to side load control, giving you better stability in cornering situations.  With the use of air bags, they can also reduce suspension fatigue from those constant heavy loads.

Hellwig’s air bags are easy to use, simply load the vehicle, adjust the PSI of each bag to level the truck and when finished hauling release the air. The air fillers can also be mounted separately in each wheel well, which works best for campers, or at the rear license plate for easy access to both fillers at the same time.

All kits come complete with all parts parts needed for easy installation.  The heavy duty brackets have a lifetime warranty and the air bags have a 2 year warranty.  The manual fill air bags can be converted to automatic by adding an on-board air compressor and in-cab controls. For a more safe and enjoyable ride while towing and hauling check out all of Hellwig’s quality products.

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