Friday July 3rd 2020


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F-650 Dump Truck

The F-650 Dump Truck is the new gas-powered offering from Ford, and it is an imposing, powerful vehicle. With regards to its appearance, there are many things that tie this model in with the design of the rest of the Super Duty line. The features that are similar to the regular Super Duty pickups include the cab shape, door, grille, badges and door handles. These may say ‘regular pickup’, however the rest of this vehicle says something else. This is because, being a Class 6 vehicle, the F-650 is in the largest medium-duty truck class available.

This truck is easily accessible as it has two steps, unlike the one step that trucks usually have. This, coupled with plenty of grab handles on both sides of the vehicle, means that you should have no problem entering the cab and getting off to a good start. It is therefore the type of truck that you can easily hop into and drive, as long as it is insured by someone like RAC; and that you feel confident driving something that is rather large. Inside the control cab, you will not find complicated dials that take a long time to learn about. Instead, it boasts an interior that looks like that of a Super Duty truck, so if you are used to the steering wheel, controls and gauge layout of the latter, then you should feel right at home here.