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Pac Brake Air Bags

Pac Brake Air Bag Kits  Alright you’ve loaded up the In-laws and now the back end of your truck is sagging.  Man, should have let them in the cab maybe that would have levelled out the load.  Have you ever run into this situation, or one like it?  The truck is loaded up with lumber, top soil, your Harley or towing a heavy load like a RV trailer.  Now your Ford truck isn’t handling quite like it normally does.  It’s starting to bottom out, got some extra sag, swaying in the corners, lost that smoothness in the ride.  This is where an air bag kit, not the Mother-in-law either….well maybe, can come in handy.

  PAC Brake Air Bags are made out of a 2-ply double convoluted rubber with a solid 1″ aluminum caps.  These are designed to be superior to the competition so there is no doubt in your mind on the quality of this product.

Pac Brake Air Bags

  The whole idea of air bags is to level the stance of your truck and bring back the smoothness of the ride when loaded.  Each bag can be adjusted by itself which works great for those uneven loads like campers for example.  There are two different fill methods, the most standard being the manual way which has the valves in each wheel well or side-by-side at the rear license plate.  The more convenient way is to add on-board air with gauges and in-cab controls.  The manual version can always be converted down the road to on-board air by adding the compressor and air tank with the gauges and cab controls.  An air accessory kit can be purchased also so you can fill tires, air mattresses, sports balls or blow air for cleaning and dusting.

Air tank & compressor  The air bags can be filled up to 100lbs of pressure but with a minimum of around 10lbs.  If you let them get below 10lbs the bags tend to move more or can get caught in the coils and rip.  It should also be noted that air bags will NOT increase your max load capacity (GVWR).

  PAC Brake makes an air bag kit that will fit most Ford truck models from  ’66 F-100 to the ’88 Bronco II and up to your current Super Duty’s.

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