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What is considered OVERKILL?

Over-kill (noun): 1. the capacity of a nation’s nuclear weapon stockpile to kill many times the total population of any given nation. 2. much more of something than is necessary, appropriate, etc.; an excess of effort in attempting to achieve some end.

Now you’re probably wondering what the hell am I talking about? Alright then, what is considered “overkill” when it comes to truck accessories? When do you stop? What is too much? How do you know you’ve gone to far and realized, “my truck looks tacky now!” Hmm, maybe when you’ve started adding curb-feelers as an accessory. There’s nothing else left to do but add the fuzzy dice?! You start flipping through the parts catalogue and most of your answers are, “got it, got it, got it……hmmm……yep, GOT IT!” Your accessories are starting to get their own accessories. The Bull in the herd is getting leery because you’ve been “eyeing” up his horns for your hood.

Every one’s idea of overkill is going to be different than the next guy. Somebody puts on a hood guard and vent visors and they think that may be overkill. Whereas the next person thinks that’s just a starting point. How do you know where that fine line is? Is there even a line? Programmer, Intake, Exhaust, etc., etc., etc……”Why did you do that?” What was wrong with the way it came? How many of you have been asked that question? Ahh, not me……ya, right!

The whole idea of truck accessories is to make your vehicle serviceable to you, to make it your own. Power, looks, functionality. Better mileage, more off-road access, towing, hauling. For work, for play, for picking up the In-laws…..ughh! Now I need to get my truck detailed. Four week road trip, six months in the bush, horse shows, car shows, monster truck rallies. Trucks are designed to work for your lifestyle and accessories are made to make it even better. One man’s overkill is another man’s “I’ve got to find something else to do to it.”

What is considered “overkill?” That is for you to tell and everyone else to judge. One man’s overkill is another man’s starting point. Make your truck your own and don’t worry what everyone else thinks, you’re the one who has to drive it.

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