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Banks Ottomind Programmer

  “I can’t drive Fifty-Five!”  Anybody else have this problem besides me?  Always looking for more power?  Programmers, tuners, chips, call them what you will but they can give you that extra power you so desperately need.  Well, maybe not really need but, come on lets face it, it’s what you really want!

  There are various programmers out there that can give you that extra power, better economy or a little bit of both for towing.  Banks has theirs also, for example, the Six-gun for diesels with economind or with Banks IQ.  We can talk about those at another time. 

  What if you have or are building a nice little collection of blue ovals?  Need something that can cover a variety?  Not all at the same time of course.  All the manufacturers would go broke if that was the case.  How about something that could be used in one vehicle and then transferred to another?  Interested yet?

  The Banks Ottomind is your standard programmer that plugs into the OBDII port, downloads the factory programming from your Ford truck and uploads the aftermarket file you have chosen.  Your choice of economy, tow or performance settings with capabilities of reading and clearing diagnostics codes.  Other options you are able to change are fuel octane, axle ratios, tire sizes and speed limiters.  Nice, all this in one little package built and backed by Banks.

  Now the real sweet part of the Ottomind that sets it apart is the ability to use it in more than one Ford vehicle.  Not at the same time of course, we’ve already gone over this part, hello!  We’re not just talking from one gas engine to another but diesels also.

  Here’s a list of Ford trucks and SUV’s that the Banks Ottomind works in:

  • 99-08 Motorhome 6.8L gas
  • 99-08 F250/F350 6.8L gas
  • 99-08 F150 4.6L & 5.4L gas
  • 04-08 F150 4.2L gas
  • 00-05 Excursion 5.4L & 6.8L
  • 99-04 Expedition/Lincoln Navigator 4.6L
  • 99-06 Expedition/Lincoln Navigator 5.4L
  • 02-05 Explorer 5.4L

  As well as 99-03 7.3L diesels and the 6.0L diesels.

Works great for families with multiple blue ovals or the person who has their work and play vehicles.  For more information or to check out other Banks products visit them on the web.  bankspower.com

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