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  1. Ford 8.8 Inch Rear Pinion Bearing Preload Video
  2. Ford 9 Inch Rear Backlash Adjustment Video
  3. Checking Valve Lash on 5.0L Ford Engine Video
  4. Setting the Ford AOD Throttle Valve Cable Video
  5. Testing a 5.0L Ford Throttle Position Sensor Video
  6. How a T5 Transmission Synchronizer Works Video
  7. Ford 8.8 inch Rear Traction-Lok Clutch Setup video
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  9. Assembling the Ford C6 transmission pump
  10. Setting pinion bearing preload on the Ford 8.8" axle
  11. Making air checks on the Ford C4 transmission
  12. Making backlash adjustment on the Ford 9" rear.
  13. Making end play check on the Ford C4 tranny
  14. How To Rebuild the World Class T5 Transmission
  15. Swapping a 5.0L into a Fox Platform vol. 1 and 2 now available
  16. Ford 8.8" rear end Traction-Lok clutch setups
  17. Valve lash adjustment on a 5.0L with pedestal rockers
  18. Testing a Ford 5.0L throttle position sensor
  19. Ford AOD TV cable adjustment
  20. drag race Powerglide buildup DVD almost ready
  21. Drag Race Powerglide Buildup DVD coming soon
  22. Newly Re-edited with more info, How To Build a Drag Race Powerglide Trans. DVD
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  25. swap youtube vol 1 part 6,7,8,9 rental mpeg
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  27. c6 openfilm scene 7 end mpeg2
  28. BadShoe Productions now has digital downloads of the How To Repair video titles
  29. 5.0L Engine Swap vol.1 section 4 (rental trailer)
  30. 5.0L Engine Swap into a Fox Platform vol.1, section 4, (4 of 5 rental version)
  31. BadShoe's buy one, get one Free spring time DVD sale
  32. Installing a Wet Nitrous Oxide System on a Ford 5.0L EFI engine
  33. Powerglide planetary rebuild with straight cut racing gears
  34. Easy installation of the Ford 8.8" traction-lok S-spring
  35. How To Rebuild the Ford FMX Transmission
  36. How to correctly position the converter when installing a Ford AOD trans.
  37. test
  38. How to Install a PI Intake on a Non-PI 4.6L 2V Ford Engine
  39. Rewiring a Ford EEC IV "speed density" harness to a "mass air" harness