View Full Version : V-belt to Serpentine belt conversion on 1991 non turbo idi F250

August 7th, 2016, 09:49 AM
Hi community! I'm search for anyone who knows about on how to convert a v-belt to a serpentine belt pully set up and how the procedure goes. To me it's a first time project of the conversion of my belts into one serpentine. I believe I have all the pulleys I need but I'm at a stuck point on the knowledge of what I need to pull out and leave in. My parts are from a 1993 idi pulley set up. With the new set up I noticed the hardware that my accessories are mounted onto , look flimsy, compared to the 1993 pulley set up. I also noticed the power steering pump from both trucks are identical mounted on the same side but are held in place with a bigger bracket which also held the A/C compressor, vacuum pump and tensioner. On my truck set up, the vacuum pump is right under the Alternator. From what I've seen on a recent picture of a converted v belt into a serpentine belt system. I recognized the parts and the brackets holding them in place, looks identical to the parts I acquired from a 1993 idi turbo f250. I have the parts but am I missing any at all? Also the alternators are different from one another as far as the way it connects to the truck and the physical looks and even the bracket of the 93 f250. The 93 f250 alternator bracket will not accommodate my old 91 alternator due to the different location of where the mounting holes are. Same goes for the A/c compressor and its hook up. I'm at a lost and kinda at a lost in confidence on starting the conversion. I hope someone here will help me with the right info, I would appreciate the help 1000 folds. I need to do this soon and end this project without taking too long to complete it. Thank you for reading.:konfused:

August 9th, 2016, 06:02 AM
This is something i found on LMC once before. Not sure if they make 1 for the IDI diesel,...but it's a start.

August 9th, 2016, 11:51 AM
Took a better look at that link,...noticed it said small block V-8's. Sorry for the mistake. Would like to think that there is a company doing the same sort of set up though.