View Full Version : Loud noise, possibly from Brakes

September 16th, 2012, 08:04 AM

I started the truck and got this loud noise when I pressed on the brakes. There was also some resistance when I pressed the brakes. I rolled forward some and checked the brakes and they did work some, but the noise was very loud, so I did not drive it to work. It sits about a week or two before I drive it. It hasnt been making this noise until this morning and it was coming from under the hood or front of the truck. There was some noise near the front dash also. I just know it was very loud when I pressed the brakes when I was just sitting and not driving. It seemed the brakes would not press all the way either. What could this be, as I am almost afraid to drive it to the shop. Is this a simple fix such as brake fluid or a hose? I had the brakes done a few years ago, because I have towed fifth wheels and cargo trailers within the last year or so. I do not drive it that much, maybe 50 miles every week or so. Does anyone know what that this problem sounds like? thanks

September 16th, 2012, 08:57 AM
need more info
drive line (4X4) ?
if its a 4X4 could be anoher issue
post back

also a quick removal of the front wheel and a look see, may reveal a wealth of info
look at the rotors for grooves, it is hard on some models to see the pads for wear look real good with a flashlight
this can be done while your letting it sit

September 16th, 2012, 12:10 PM
Is the sounds coming from around the front wheels or right under the hood? It could be something going on with the booster or master cylinder