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Kent February 9th, 2017 10:50 AM

Tire pressure
Most 1 ton trucks come with tires that have a maximum pressure rating of 80 psi. My 2011 F350 door panel says 75 PSI front and 60 PSI rear. That means under maximum load, 60 PSI is the proper pressure. Unloaded my rear tires show no flex on the side wall at all. A radial tire is designed to flex to get maximum traction etc. I did some research and the only chart I could find was for Toyo tires that showed a minimum pressure for this type of tire at 35 PSI which equates to about 1500 pound load capacity each. My rear axle empty is 3000 pounds so at 35 PSI that would be twice as much capacity as needed. At 35 PSI I see flex in the sidewall and a much softer ride. Seems like it would have to be safer because of better traction on all conditions, especially wet or snow, plus a much softer ride.

glc February 9th, 2017 10:57 AM

I wouldn't run them that low - try 45.

JSoko February 9th, 2017 02:37 PM

my 250 listed 75# rear / 60# front
my first set of factory tires gave me 91,000 miles
with a 5 tire rotation/balance each 5,000 miles (all 5 wheels (steel) and tires were the same size)

I asked my neighbor and here's what he said -

I would not deviate from what's listed on the door jamb for your particular vehicle / loaded or unloaded

don't go by whats on the sidewall

new tire technology no longer has radials looking like they have low pressure
and the new LT tires are designed to run with higher pressure and still offer exceptional traction in all conditions

yes you will get a softer ride, but running lower pressures the tires will heat up more & faster and compromise, the integrity of the sidewall, traction, vehicle handling, and over all safety
LT tires are made for heavier load ratings and higher pressures

My source is my neighbor, he is the chief chemical engineer at the TOYO tire plant down the road in White GA.

if you want a softer ride get a F-150

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