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JSoko May 17th, 2019 08:10 AM

2018 5.0 4x4 Road Report
I purchased a New 2018 F 150 4x4 5.0 3.55 axle SuperCab in February during the Presidents Day Sale and could not pass up the deal

I just went on a 1,000 mile trip, total mileage is now 2,847 miles

on this trip, mostly interstate highway and traveling through the flat land of Alabama & Florida at a speed of 78 - 85 mph; the calculator showed 18.9 mpg for the total 1,000 miles (using the ECO Mode setting)
the mpg should be higher but sometimes i just have to floor it

driving around home or into town (26 miles away) and staying below 60 mph the mpg is 24mpg (using the ECO Mode setting)

NOTE: I have rented F 150's SuperCrew with the 3.5 V-6 EcoBoost engine for this same 1,000 mile trip and the mpg is the same

FYI: The company pays me .54 cents per mile for these trips, so to keep my Truck mileage low I usually get a rental

as far as performance and acceleration I can not tell any noticeable difference from the Butt Dyno ( the 3.5 V-6 & V-8 are identical in this respect)

one thing that is different is when going up a long slight grade the V-8 will downshift to 9th gear where as the 3.5 V-6 stays in 10th (I suspect due to the V-6 having more torque at a lower RPM than the V-8)

Like I said i have made this same trip many time with a Rental EcoBoost and the gas mileage between the 3.5 EcoBoost & the 5.0 is the same.

I'am very pleased with my New Truck

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