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JSoko February 23rd, 2012 10:25 AM

Muzzle Loader info
heres my quick tip on cleaning that SmokePole

on the MUZZle LOADER, I only use HOT WATER, I draw the water up the bore out of a boiling hot pot with a patch attached to a round jag,; brush (plastic) and patch ( never use petroleum based anything, Solvents, Chemicals, or Dish Soap in your barrel; as it will hurt a seasoned bore ) blow out everything with compressed air and dry it up and then coat the inside with a non petroleum based lube ( some call it 'all natural' as in CVA & Thompson Center )
I use 'Young Country Lube 103' in the bore and all the exposed metal parts, I've never had a problem, plus this stuff has no odor
NOTE: clean the bore ASAP when finished shooting, and I dont mean let it wait till next week cause I will shoot it again. If you have a removable breech plug you can unload the charge through the rear and not have to fire it off, leaving you with a clean bore.
also you will find it hard to load a bullet down the barrle and accuacery will suffer after 3 shots.
When I sight-in a ML I clean after each shot, some may think this to be anal, but all my bullets touch out to 50 yds and never miss a pie plate at 125yds (iron sights only)

PS I never shoot 'SABOTS' as they leave plastic in the bore, I do shoot 'Power Belt Bullets' and I'am very impressed, this is a relatively new bullet on the market and come in a wide array of weights & shapes, I give this bullet a A+++ for use in a muzzel loader for hunting.
A patched Round Ball in .50 cal weighs around 183 grains and looses energy fast, I do not recommend it be used on game it has a small entrance hole and a small exit hole with little retained kinitc energy; and with a bad hit will make it literally impossible to follow a blood trail and find the animal.
A patched round ball may deform a little but will not mushroom.
I give the patched round ball a F--- for use on game.

see this
I use the copper plated 'Aero Tip' 245 grain bullet; and recommend it

now, I use Black Powder only, at 100grains of FFg I do not have a Magnum chamber that can take 150grs
all my friends use those pre-formed pellets, now if this is what you will be useing I suggest you get the adaptor for use with the #209 shotgun primer
the #11 cap is OK but tends to be on the weak flame side (igniting the charge)

if I can be of further help just ask and if you disagree with the above Im open for discussion


BigBlue79 February 23rd, 2012 12:43 PM

I can't modify my gun :( so I've been told. I found that there is a "Flamethrower" nipple that can be bought for my T/C, supposed to be 3x the ignition rate with just a regular #11 cap.

JSoko February 23rd, 2012 01:59 PM

that is what I use, it is exactly like a regular #11 nipple with a 1/16" hole drilled through the sides of the top half way down the length of the #11 cap
(there are 2 different thread sizes yours being American Made it has a NPT thread the other is Metric )

Mine is made by CVA and is called a Hot Shot Nipple ( I do not use an in-line bolt system, I have an old side lock with a hammer )
removing the nipple is part of the cleaning process, make sure you have a nipple wrench and cleaner, the cleaner is nothing more than a tip cleaner you use for a Oxygen/Aceteline torch

one draw back to the #11 cap besides lack of fire, is that they are subsceptible to moisture & rain, even in a closed bolt; compared to the 209 primer

imagine a monster 12 point standing broadside at 75 yds and the weakest link in your ML is the #11 cap, and fireing pin goes snap and that cap doesnt fire, and the 12 point looks at you and disappears never to be seen again

the choice is yours, but if you are going to spend money spend it on the #209 conversion
you'll be glad you did; it cant cost more than $18; the best money you will ever spend on that rifle

there is another option, the Musket Cap which is an oversized #11

BigBlue79 February 23rd, 2012 02:09 PM

$45 for my gun and it's a bitch to swap out..

JSoko February 23rd, 2012 02:14 PM

thats a rip off price they sell two for $11 here
it is easy to remove the Nipple, you should have got the long steel with a slot cut in the end (look closely at your nipple see the 2 flats ? ) the tool fits in place of the bolt and has a slot cut in one end a a large flat head screw driver on the other for removing the breech plug

if you dont have this
or you not sure what I mean get a owners manual

you getting this stuff from that Pawn Shop ? you do realize they make their money by taking advantage of people

JSoko February 23rd, 2012 02:19 PM

see this
heres what you need, unless your rifle is totaly different

cause all you do is screw the old one out and screw the new one in

looking at the above
what I have is the Uncle Mikes not a CVA

BigBlue79 February 23rd, 2012 02:30 PM

Mine is an inline, dad's is a Cap Lock Hawken that he bought as a kit(it was a kit from T/C). I've located a wrench(the only one I've found) on ebay but it's a bid only and I have to wait 9 days before I bid so I can try and get it cheap(also has a new set of SS scope rings that I need).

JSoko February 24th, 2012 08:41 PM

this is what I wanted to tell you , so you can save money

you can make a wrench
just cut a slot on a piece of steel and drill out the inside to slip over the nipple for a nipple wrench, or use a pipe of some kind ; I was thinking to use a push rod drilled & slotted
and use a large head, long shank flathead screw driver for a breech plug remover

look at these to get an idea of what to make
most of these are for pistols or side locks

BigBlue79 February 24th, 2012 08:48 PM

Sweet, I'll do that! Dad took my scope mounts that came with my scope to a local gun shop, they use Standard Weaver style rings, he had em Brand new for $10 they fit on the mounts and I'm happy, didn't need those "Special" $35 mounts for my gun, nor the "See Thru's" they are standard rings and fit pretty damn well, I was at my grandmother's all day(94 years old this year) helping her get ready to move out of her house, she's the last true grandparent that I have left alive so anytime spent with her is taken into consideration.

What scope would you recommend I get for a Blackpowder rifle?

JSoko February 24th, 2012 10:18 PM

thats an open question

I would buy my scope first then mounts, mounts that keep the scopes front objective close to the barrel; most of mine you can just slide a quarter in there

I like a large objective ( the front end) the 50mm gathers more light for those early dawn, late dusk shots
get one that you find on sale, Simmons make a good quailty low priced scope as does Tasco & Bass Pro Brand, I'm not a Bushnell fan but know many that are
I personally use Leapolds Veri-X III , I have several in differant reticals

at the minimum I would get a 3X9X40, set close to the barrel
and don't let a so called 'pro' mount it for you
I belive DD or myself explane this somewhere; there are some things you need to know to do this correctly that most skip or otherwise dont know
the internet has some great videos about this

haste will be your worst enemy

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