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Curlewis December 20th, 2018 10:25 PM

Rear light wiring '89 F350 styleside.
Hi Folks, I've recently purchased an '1989 F350 from California & here in Australia we have to have separate Stop lights & Indicator lights. The stop lights are Red of course & our indicators must be Orange for vehicle registration purposes. I have been checking the rear wiring & the globes & globe holders are quite different from what we use here. We use a bayonet fitting globe & holder ie push the globe into the holder & twist until the locating tags lock in place. The US globes seem to be a wedge type base with retaining clips in the globe holder. All good, we have some Australian bulb holders & light bulbs but the problem comes about as it seems to me that the US system uses the same bulb & circuit for both Stop light & the Indicator. Can someone please tell me how the system works in the US, how many filaments are in the globe, ie tail light, indicator & stop light all in the one globe. We only have a maximum of 2 filaments in a globe ie tail light/stop light. The indicator is a separate globe. I have ordered a US workshop manual but do not expect to see it until the new year. Cheers & thank you, Curlewis

glc December 21st, 2018 12:13 AM

They are 2 filament bulbs - one for tail lights and one for both stop lights and turn signal/hazard flashers. You are going to have to trace wiring back to find where the stop and flashers split.

Curlewis December 22nd, 2018 10:58 PM

Thanks glc, I figured that was going to be the case. I received confirmation that my workshop manual has arrived in Australia now so I'm hoping to get that in the post tomorrow otherwise it will not arrive until after Christmas. I figure it will be easier to trace when I know what circuits I am looking for. Thank you for taking the time out to reply. Cheers Curlewis.

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