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rhlee222 November 8th, 2019 05:14 PM

My "NEW" 2007 F150. Mistake?
Hi Everyone,
I am brand new to this forum. I just bought a 2007 F150 5.4 Super Crew and may have made a HUGE mistake. The truck has 66000 miles and is sweet looking.Test drove and bought it impulsively from a dealer. Drove it for a day and it started missing, throwing codes P0012, P0016, P0300, P0303. Took it back to the lot. They replaced a plug, coil, and cam sensor. I picked it up running very well but it very quickly started missing, now throwing codes P0012, P0022, P0300, P0303, and P0304. The dealer told me to bring it back, which I am happy for but I'm left wondering how long they are willing to address this issue. I have a feeling their mechanic knows nothing about this truck. I wish I did my research prior to buying this. Anyway, what would you do if you were in my shoes. When I take it back to the dealer, I am thinking about letting him know everything I learned that could be wrong with this motor.

glc November 8th, 2019 09:48 PM

If there is any way to get them to buy it back, do it. When a 5.4 3 valve starts doing stuff like this, it's going to be a money pit. The variable cam timing system is a piece of shit.

To get it running right, plan on spending about 2 grand. That's for a full timing set and a high volume oil pump. It also may need followers and lash adjusters.

harrison28 November 11th, 2019 10:16 AM

Listen to GLC bro,...he's the expert around here on those motors.

JSoko November 14th, 2019 07:25 AM

good luck
keep us posted on the outcome

skatebowd November 15th, 2019 08:40 AM


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