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Exclamation Front Brake Rotor Gouged

Howdy All,
Wanted to check to see if any of you have had an issue with one (or more) of the brake rotors becoming gouged and torn up in a relatively short period? My 2014 F350 has 65k miles on it and I recently heard the grinding noise, I couldn't stop at the time and check it then. This morning I noticed more than the normal amount of brake dust on the front left wheel, so I looked at the rotor through the wheel spokes and it is gouging partially across the surface. The other part of the surface is slick. I checked the other 3 brake rotors and they are slick as a whistle, so the brake pad has somehow gotten into the rotor or a foreign object got in there, not sure yet, but it will be checked out and corrected. I'll let you know what I find.