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Default My trucks...

Hi all!

I'm new here and thought I'd post up my trucks.

I am currently driving a '74 F-250 2wd Custom.

It has the stock 360ci engine w/2 bbl, NP435 4spd, and factory limited slip rear.

I have 2,987lbs of compost in the bed in this pic:

This is my '77 F-250 4x4 Custom when I picked it up last October.
I managed to get this truck for free, and from the original owner!
It was a 351M,(blown) putting a 400M in it.
T18 4spd/NP205.

I am currently halfway through swapping a newer engine into the '77, as it blew the engine Nov. 20th last year, when I was in the mountains.

I paid $275 for a 1980 E-250 with all of the windows broken out, a rebuilt C6 tranny, and a 400M that has under 1,000 miles on it!
I bought the van in Hardin,MT, and drove it the 100+ miles home. Talk about the ultimate in "redneck air conditioning"! lol.
It ran great all the way.
The van:

Fire damage from negligent neighbor of previous owner:

The 400M in the van:

Under all of that dirt, the engine still has most of it's paint.

I'll take more pics when I get the engine clean, and in my '77.

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