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Default Zappers 1993 Explorer Sport "Purple Haze" Pic heavy

This is my baby. I've dreamt about this truck for years.

Purple Haze. Trail rig/play toy.
1993 Explorer sport. 4.0 5 speed , moon roof, cloth interior.

Picked him up Apr 05. Bone stock, owner was a body guy so it was BEAUTIFUL. Told him my plans and he said glad someone will give it a good life.

First thing I did was take the 30 9.5 15 of the wheeler BII

Drove it like that for a couple months.

Then ordered a bunch of parts.

My Daughter loved it.

34 10.5 LTB's
5.5 superlift
Mini spool

Then I had 513 gears installed with a detroit upfront installed.

Added Duff long arms with heims.

Went wheeling in Ohio and got some beauty marks.

Heck even showed it a couple times.

And even dirty. LOL

A buddy of mine does tube work so he built me a cage.

Made some 3/4 doors.

Wheeled it like this for 18 or so months. Wheeled the crap out of it.

Broke 1 axle shaft

Bought myself a xmas present November 06 that I knew would need heavy modifying to fully enjoy.
Stubbler. Shortest RBV based doubler at 5 3/4".

So I started gathering parts.

1977 F150 Dana 44
1995 F150 8.8 (swapped the welded guts from the stock rear)
4 door explorer leafs
Wildhorse 5.5 coils
36 TSL
37 Boggers
Weld on beadlocks
Spool for the 44
513 gears for the 44
Complete rebuild stuff for the 44 (bearing, seals, rotors, calipers everything)

Started the build May 07

Worked on it over the summer.

Shake down run was November 07. 1 year after the plan started.

Everything worked the way I hoped it would.

Next I did some body mods.

Went with a bikini top to keep the weather out a little.

Also got a winch and bumper

Cut about 4" off the rear of the body in preparation for the rear bumper.

Went back to Pottsy and got a rear bumper. Simple but effective.

Added body sliders so I could save what is left of it. LOL

I've wheeled it for the last couple years.

There is a future plan in the works.
1978 Dana 60 front
14 bolt rear (maybe steering)
40" LTB's
2 piece beadlock Stazworks rims.
3 link front
4 link rear
Full hydro steer.

Jake 08 F250 FX4 6.4 CC SB 4x4
Purple Haze 93 Explorer Sport
Rusty 78 F250 Snowfighter

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