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Default 72 F250 Re-assembling steering column

I have taken apart the steering column on this 1972 F250, automatic transmission with power steering in order to replace the broken shift collar (part 7228). This was a common occurrence on these trucks and I am hoping a reader will remember how this is done and tell me. I am ready to put it all together again and I am having difficulty in two areas.

1. Attaching the round metal assembly holding the turn signal switch to the steering column housing (the part just behind the steering wheel). This requires moving the two bolts in such a way as to engage them with holes in the column by moving them outward. Any tips on how to accomplish this?

2. The little metal prong that sticks up out of the steering column and moves the NSS when the shift lever moves. I accidentally broke it off and I have the genuine Ford replacement part. The new one has to be attached to the shift tube while the tube is inside the column. There is a hole just above the column under the dash to gain access, and there is a support bar just above that hole. It is rather difficult to get my hand up in there, much less move it around. Any suggestions on getting the new part clipped in there? Can it be done without lowering the steering column?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.