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when we first did the install we just made sure we had # 1 tdc & all marks in line.
when we started the truck up we just had the timing set in the general area and the bolt snugged down but still lose enough to bump with my hand.
got it running and it started easy enough. adjusted it at that time to sound/lope a lot of lope. checked it with the gun an set it at 14, when i drove the truck it was very weak no power.
so then with the timing light and set it at i think 12 still a bit weak but better. next we tried 11, still not what i wanted. as of now with the timing light i locked mine down at 10.
dont forget to pull the spout before ya try to set it with the timing light. after its set put the spout back in.

Hot rod F150 4x4 hauling chickens. youtube vid after the cam. iv added a couple with everything cleaned up. cam vid visit my website.