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Default Blue Oval Up! Ford Posts 15-Percent Sales Gain in June

<p>In the latest edition of monthly auto sales, Ford has managed to post a 15-percent boost over last year's figures. While core brand Ford and soon-to-disappear Mercury led the group, Lincoln straggled a behind the other two brands.</p>
<p>Sales of Blue Oval-badged cars, sport-utilities, and trucks all crept upward, with the Taurus leading the pack in percentage with a 191.3-percent increase at 6607 vehicles sold. The highly hyped Fiesta sold 1028 units in its first month on the market, but once again, the top-selling F-Series pickup truck line (including the new 2011 Super Duty) led the pack with 46,502 sold in June, good for a 29.5-percent boost over last year. Year-to-date, the car, SUV, and truck segments are up 32.6, 24.1, and 30.2 percent, respectively, for a 30-percent brand jump over 2009.</p>
<p>Although it has been targeted for elimination, it appears the Mercury brand won't be going down quietly. Sales across the lineup were up 26.2 percent and the brand has a 14-percent year-to-date lead over 2009.At Lincoln, the news was glum relative to its brand brethren. Compared to Ford and Mercury, it has been a slower 2010 for the luxury marque and June figures ended up off 11.5 percent. All models save for the Navigator showed sales declines and the only vehicles currently posting a net year-to-date in the positive are the Navigator and Town Car at 34.4 and 6.3 percent, respectively. Year-to-date, the Lincoln brand is up 7.5 percent.</p>
<p>On the fleet front, sales were up 15 percent. For the first half of 2010, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury sales have totaled 954,745 vehicles, a 28-percent gain over 2009.</p>
<p>Story courtesy of Benson Kong @ Truck Trend</p>
<p>Source: Ford</p>
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