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Default vacuum diagram

I hope some one can help me. I have a 1978 Ford F150 with a 4.9L engine with a carter 1 barrel YFA carburetor, with auto transmission. This truck is a non-catalyst in engine family 300 HMOC. I believe the emission code is DTE-9C485-BA and in the corner of sticker it has D-002. This truck was built in Norfolk Virginia in January 1978, I check vin number for all relevant information.

What I am looking for is the vacuum schematic, diagram. Previous owner removed all vacuum lines except distributer advance and power brake. Truck run bad I need to fix vacuum system any help would be appreciated.
I have checked out fuel tank for return line from a charcoal canister or purge valve, fuel tank is not equipped for a return line. I have attached the only diagram I have found so far, but it's got the return line to fuel tank. I have also upload a picture of my carburetor and vehicle emission sticker.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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