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Default Big & Tall Help Needed Please

Help & Information needed please. To whom it may concern.
Currently, I own a 2005 GMC Safari Passenger Van and a 2003 Dodge Dakota SLT, (AWD). All is fine with these vehicles except for an increasing issue that unfortunately I’m dealing with. That issue is a Health Issue! Allow me to explain: I’m a 60-year-old man, 6’ Tall and I’m extremely Obese at 400 Pounds. When I first
bought this truck (used) last year, my current issue wasn’t a problem like it is now. The health issue is that for some unknown reason, I’m gaining weight and retaining fluids, etc. that is making my “[GUT]” Area become larger then ever and it is getting so hard to be comfortable in front of the steering wheel! With this, my Gut is literally touching the steering wheel and making it difficult to drive now and NOT Safe as well.
It is getting to a point where soon, I’m not going to be able to drive this particular P/U at all, due to what I just explained above.
NOTE: Look for follow-up email to finish immediately after this one>>>>>>>>
The reason for this email,……..I need Help & Information as to me finding another P/U that will provide me the Comfort and Safety that I Now need in the Front Drivers Side that will provide me plenty of Room in front of my (GUT), etc.! Allow me to explain examples of what I’m looking for in HOPE that you can provide to me some Makes/Models/Years of P/U’s that may work for me, to start searching to buy one.
*P/U Truck………..Used
*Cab…….Extended/Double Cab, Crew Cab.
*Bucket Seats, WIDE!
*Year………….Older, 1995 – 200?????
*Price…………Less then $10,000.00
*[Main Thing]……………Has to have Plenty of Drivers Side Room for my (Gut) that will certainly accommodate a Very Obese Driver, like myself!
NOTE: Look for follow-up email to finish immediately after this one>>>>>>>>
To sum this up, after reviewing my request for Help & Information, and expressing to you what I need, can you please provide to me What P/U Truck may be the one or two that can
match what I’m looking for. Along with the Model or Models And Years, etc.
That would be greatly appreciated!
What Cab would give me the most Driver Side (GUT) Room? Or it doesn’t matter?

Thank You so much for taking the time to address this issue for me. God Bless!
ps. I used to own a 1988 Chevy Silverado, Standard Cab. This seemed roomy at the time in the drivers seat.