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that website has the built thread on it, with multiple pictures . Unless you find a bolt on kit then you will need to weld. If you can do that i dont see why you couldnt do it yourself. You are picking the EASIEST F150 to attempt on.

If you keep the 8.8 then you will have 2 different bolt patterns. so that means two sets of wheels.

The 8.8s are a high sell item in the explore, bronco II, and ranger crowd so im sure you can unload it. Ive seen GM 14bolts go for $200 already setup with gears and a locker.

IMO if you are going to stick with the 8.8 then rethink the D60 idea. Go with a Ford 9" Front axle. Plenty strong for the 37" tires and being a street truck it will also handle 40's fine. If you go this route that gives you 5x5.5 bolt pattern front and rear. This would be what id do knowing what your doing with the truck

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