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Originally Posted by lnikaeen View Post
i have a 1991 ford ranger truck fuel gage dont work at all any ideals on how to fix. also the lighter was working and just stopped
About the fuel gauge in your Ford Ranger:

There are a few causes for a fuel gauge not to register fuel levels, the main cause would be a faulty sending unit. These units do go bad from time to time and when they do, the fuel gauge doesn't receive the required signal from the sending unit letting you know the amount of fuel in your fuel tank.

In order to rule out a faulty sending unit, you must test the unit for power and ground. The only way to get to the unit is by removing the fuel tank.

Unfortunately the sending unit is located inside your fuel tank. =(

As far as your lighter not working, it could be a blown fuse, loose wire, etc. Again test the wires going to the lighter for power, that is the first place to start. If there is no power, I would then move on to the fuse.

For future reference, please only make one thread per question in the correct section of the forum. The member introduction section is only for member introductions, not truck related questions.

Good luck and please keep us up to date on what you find!