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Originally Posted by fbm1344t View Post
For the shock question i know what your trying to say ill have to go measure in a little. The coil buckets are a sort of rare item but you can use the stock ones its just that like the 66-77 ones they will give slightly more lift, but will limit you to a stud type shock which is undesirable. i used a f-350 drag-link not track-bar, this is because the 78/79 steering box is outside the frame rails which makes the stock nonadjustable 78/79 drag-link a bad choice since it would have to be shortened. the drag-link for 92,93,94,95 f350 works perfect, is adjustable, and even has a slight bend to help with clearing the diff. hope this helps and ill be sure to post that measurement for you in a little while.

thanks alot buddy. I found a set of coild buckets from a 78 for $50 so im good there. Im gonna be running hi steer arms with hiems since i have all the DOM and hiems from my F150 build and since ill be staying lower it should fit fine. I should actually come out less $$$ because of the parts that I already have.

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