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Default sub for supercrew f150

got this about 2 years ago and its been lightly used, i listen to mostly country in my truck. its a MTX thunderform 4500 with a 10in sub, it goes underneath your back seat if you have a bench in the back. also comes with a Kicker ZX 400.1 amp that worked perfectly with it. also comes with a bass knob so wether your listening to rap(turn the knob up for more bass) or a wonderful orchestral piece written by beethovan (turn the knob down) its easily adjustable. pics...well its still under my seat so if i get it sold ill take it out and take pics :devil: but google it or go to MTX's website for pics...its the same thing.

Id like to see 400 for everthing + shipping. you will get all of the wiring and everything. and ill include pictures of how to wire it up