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Thankfully, my job has me work with pretty much the entire pick up market. I get to chat it up with every truck nut in the US and Canada, You know what they say about opinions, right? I hear more positive than negative concerning the ecoboost truck. Honestly though, most of my truck guys are superduty guys so my half ton contacts are limited. I talk with Ford dealerships on a regular basis and according to them the sales are strong and issues limited. Doubtful they would tell me anything different, though. This spring I was seriously considering buying a brand new truck. I would be getting another F150 since I have access to my work F350 anytime I would need heavy work applications. Long story short, I was leaning toward the 5.0 V8 more so than the eco, just like one poster said, I like to hear a truck. We also own a F250 with the 5.0 at work. It is hard on gas and not the greatest at pulling, but I blame the gearing on the poor MPG. It runs good as a daily driver, but if I owned it to work as a puller, I would be dissapointed. For me as just a daily driver, I believe a 5.0 in a half ton would be fine.

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