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I've been researching the various ways to install a transmission temp gauge on my '98 Ford E-150 van with a 5.4 L engine and an E40D transmission.

There are quite a few opinions on where to put the sending unit! Some are insistent that it should go in the test port on the tranny and others say it should go on the line from the tranny to the cooler. I can see each view point and understand why each is recommended!

One source said putting it in the test port will only give you the temperature of the transmission case and not the oil which is what should be monitored. Thus putting it in the "hot" line from the tranny is best.

Other opinions are to use the OBD2 connector to monitor the tranny temp. For me this is too expensive and complicated! I want a separate gauge I can look at when I traveling to see what the temps are any moment.

So considering all of this I'm sure I want to put it in either the test port or the line. But before I order anything I want to be sure what I get will fit my tranny and vehicle. Even looking at the product descriptions on line I don't see any "vehicle specific" choices. By this am I correct to assume all gauges and their included parts will fit any vehicle? Are all test ports the same size thread and diameter?

Gosh! This sounds awfully complicated for what I'm trying to find out! Can anyone help?? Many thanks in advance.