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Default aluminum bracket for clutch and brake pedals

apparently this is a common problem as this generation of trucks gets older (mine is a 1989 f250) ; the clutch/brake pedal bracket, made of aluminum, is quite badly worn in the holes where the pedal shaft goes through.

through my reading i have discovered that :
a) they are no longer available through ford (and are overly expensive even if you could find one).

b) you cannot just swap in the steel bracket that they used in later models.

i found a pic on-line of a broken one from a 1980 which looks almost exactly like the one i pulled out of my 1989 ... the only differences seem to be that the newer one looks like it has a bit more re-inforcement built in.

theres a guy parting out a 1981 who doesn't live too far away and after i sent him a pic of mine he is pretty convinced that the one up underneath his dashboard is the same.

what do you guys think ? if a 1981 bracket fits a 1989 then at least i have a bunch more years to select from if his is too worn.