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my 250 listed 75# rear / 60# front
my first set of factory tires gave me 91,000 miles
with a 5 tire rotation/balance each 5,000 miles (all 5 wheels (steel) and tires were the same size)

I asked my neighbor and here's what he said -

I would not deviate from what's listed on the door jamb for your particular vehicle / loaded or unloaded

don't go by whats on the sidewall

new tire technology no longer has radials looking like they have low pressure
and the new LT tires are designed to run with higher pressure and still offer exceptional traction in all conditions

yes you will get a softer ride, but running lower pressures the tires will heat up more & faster and compromise, the integrity of the sidewall, traction, vehicle handling, and over all safety
LT tires are made for heavier load ratings and higher pressures

My source is my neighbor, he is the chief chemical engineer at the TOYO tire plant down the road in White GA.

if you want a softer ride get a F-150

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