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Default i'm all over the road and afraid to drive it

I have an 05 F150 fx4 crew cab 5.4L. w/ 6" lift. This truck is all over the road when i drive and vibration around 60 -65 and seems to be getting worse especially around corners. Im at the point where i am afraid to drive it. Its has a rack and pinion steering. I've replace almost everything up front and i'm lost. Here is the list of replaced parts:
New Tires and wheels (35")
Lower Ball joints
Upper control arms
CV axles
inner and outer tie rods
sway bar link bushings
U joints
basically every moving part that i thought would cause this. I'm over $2000 invested in parts and 6 months of frustration.
Tires have movement in and out but not up and down when shaken when its jacked up off the ground. There is a clunking in the rack when moving the tire in and out ( attached gif ) but was told this is normal and should not cause the problem im having. Recently its started to make a bad grinding noise when you start to move with the wheel turned, however CV axles are brand new and not rebuilds. Its like its crawling back and forth across the lane when i'm trying to drive straight almost as if i had been drinking and having trouble keeping it between the lines and its getting worse. Now the $1000 worth of tires i put on it are almost bald on the front. I need help this is my only transportation and i really don't want to get rid of it. I'm hoping one of ya'll Ford gurus can help a young man out. Thanks in advance

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