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Looks good, not a fan of Dual, but I hope yours works out great. You seem to baby all your stuff so I'm sure you won't have any problems. There's a few things I'd change about the ground on your amp, though. It looks to be a bit too long (18 inch is the max IMO), and the connection point isn't very strong. The best ground (via a bolt) is a sanded surface. In your case, you'd have to sand the body, and both sides of that seat bracket to get the best connection. What I'd do is slice the carpet about 2-3 inches away from the terminals on the amplifier, mock up a ground wire that's about 10-12 inches (or less), drill a hole in the body(after pulling the carpet back), sand (both sides of you can) the paint off, then bolt the ground wire to that hole. Then run the ground wire (and every other power-related wire) to the amp through the slit you made in the carpet. That'll give you the strongest ground possible, and hide the wires a bit more. That's just me though, I'm OCD when it comes to this stuff.

...unless the JL center console box has an amp built in and this amp is just temporary like the sub is...then forget everything I just typed.

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