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Okay, I don't know if this is what your doing exactly but I have a THX Navigation Radio from an '07 or '08 Lincoln MKZ I believe I snagged it from & I'm trying to install it into my '07 F150 XLT... first run was not so good, I only had a speaker or two working & couldn't get anything else to work... I rewired it and Now I'm pretty sure I have all 4 speakers working now(still need to run the test) but of course I'm having faults due to not grabbing the sat tuner, or anything else while I was there... only issues right now really are that I don't have control of the audio... volume knob works & can see it on the screen but it's not actually changing the volume levels at all... same for the DSP settings, Bass, & Treble... I believe the faders are working correctly... I also would love to get my aux input working as well... I have it wired in but can't switch to it at all.... .... any help would be greatly appreciated....

P.S. - What is the "Start" wire used for & connected to?