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95 f150 4x4 5.0L STOCK
i just put in a E303 cam and new roller lifters.
i ordered the kit from summit. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/CMB-08-0029/
bought the ford racing cam and the ford racing lifters to match it. one thing i would do different tho is the kit comes with a MR Gasket ((gasket set jmho cheap.)) buy the gaskets separate get the factory style valve cover gaskets / intake / water pump / timing cover / oil pan thermostat. the Mr gasket set is cork the factory set has the metal with neoprene. plus they sent me 3 water pump gaskets and none of them fit my truck lol. my water pump takes 2 gaskets one for the back plate and one for the block. get a new t-stat. antifreeze.
check end-play with the new cam, make sure ya have-----no more no less.
0.001 - 0.007 inch, lol i guess the hardest thing to me about this whole installation was the 30mm torq's screw in the dead center of the intake plenum. tough to get to if ya got big hands. you can look online for a spec and installation sheet from summit they didn't send one with my parts. timing depends on what ur looking for . for sound or hp. took me a few runs around the block to get mine where i wanted it. if ya need anything just holler. its an easy install. took me about 16 hours to complete with all the cleaning and gasket removal. but im slow anyway lol thing is i didnt want to go back into it. needed it right the first time.

Hot rod F150 4x4 hauling chickens. youtube vid after the cam. iv added a couple with everything cleaned up. cam vid visit my website.