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Default 95 ford lightning ????

hello all. i bought a few years back a 1995 ford lightning clone. was told by seller that it was a 1955 ford lightning chassis, with a 95 ford f-150 body. body was replace because of body damaged in an accident. had chassis inpected for damage by a reputible local body shop, and was told chassis was in great shape. havein a hard time finding ant info on this truck.

first "problem"

the truck has a performance trans, 2500 stall, shift kit, aode trans. works excellent. crisp and no slippage. it seems to "shift" between 2nd and 3rd. was told this is normal cuz the lockup convertor locks up at that time. is this true?


at wot, the trans shifts at about 5400-5500 rpms. awesome shift, tires chirp, 70% of the time. the other 30 % the engine hits a rev limiter. was wondering if i have the wrong computer, or is this the factory revs of a lightning. seems low to me. and the truck tops at about 115mph where the engine cutsoff, almost feels like u step on the brakes. any fixes for this if it is correct?


it also has a maf setup. from what i can tell it should be a speed density motor. not sure if this is done correctly. the truck runs and drives great. startup it usually stalls once or twice be fore it will run. but once it does it runs smooth and no misses. was wanting to add a nitrious kit to this truck but it doesnt run perfect, and am afraid it may not be the time till i get a few of theses bug figured out.

any info would be apprecated. and any performance sites that may have some pieces for this old truck would be useful. i will put up some pics as soon as i can. it looks very nice.