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Typically I start with electrics, wires, plugs (points & cond.)
I think if all electrics are good and the spark plug wires are on the correct plug

I belive it's running RICH (choke sticking/bad coil; clean the MAF sensor) but ya aint got those on the '95

causes could be

something got wet (use Rice)

bad 'CHIP' (doubtful)

a fouled plug that sparks at higher RPM (unless engineman finds something obvious, I'de start here)

fuel pressure

an injector issue (maybe), maybe a piece of something hanging one letting it over fuel

The fuel pressure regulator Very commonly causes this problem - check the pressure - Its on the 'fuel rail'

Also pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator very commonly the diaphragm in the regulator goes bad And it will leak fuel into the vacuum line - check if its wet

an 02 sensor can cause a rich issue, and new ones are sometimes bad (I use BOSCH and have never had a problem)

intake leak (sometimes around just one port) or vacuum leak


running cold causes rich condition

bad t-stat

ECT sensor bad: I belive you have one for water & one for fuel (not sure), sending false signal or sending warning to another problem

sometimes ya gotta shoot in the dark

come by the House and we'll go for a ride to pick up Keven & Troy and try to ...; the situation; I'm sure we can come down with sumpthin

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