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My F150 has an MSD Coil, MSD Distributor, MSD Ignition Control Box, even a fairly new ignition control module (less than 2 years old)!

The E303 cam was the biggest mistake I made with this truck... it's not so good for local driving and even worse with an automatic.

Don't think it's my spark plugs, the truck is running on all cylinders for sure. When I floor it, she does move.

The IAC... hmmm I don't think so. I'm leaning towards a BS O2 sensor BUT depending on the price of a new IAC, it may not hurt to replace it.

I'm removing the EGR in the next few weeks. There is no need for it on my truck at all.

Anyone reading this thread and looking for their IAC (Idle Air Control), I attached an image of the IAC location on a 1992 - 1996 F150.
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