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Originally Posted by nasblu View Post
I have a 1995 ford F250 460 gas engine truck with 75K miles on it that has developed a low RPM miss. I just replaced the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter cleaned the injectors, new O2 sensor. Checked for vaccum leaks and still this miss. The miss goes away at higher RPMS. Anyone ever experience this any ideas. Was going to replace the EGR next???
You didn't mention if the miss started suddenly or gradually "came on". The added RPMs will likely camouflage the problem. If it's an actual "miss" it means that probably only one cylinder is affected. You can isolate the problem by interrupting the spark to the cylinders one at a time. Then you will know what cylinder is the culprit. If you can do a compression test, do it. That will tell you the health of the whole engine. If you get a low value on the same cylinder that is identified by interrupting the spark, then it is likely an internal problem, like a valve situation or a blown gasket.