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i haven't updated this project recently due to moving and work. but, i have found out some less than exciting info during this time. 1st,....i don't claim be a master mechanic or a vehicle know it all. so i found out from my machinist that the "351w" that i planned on putting in this truck is actually a 302. he showed me on the block how to see the difference so that it doesn't happen to me next time. the motor had a 5.8 labeled plenum when i bought the 88 a few years back, so that's where they got me. either way,...the 302 block is at the machine shop having the bottom end pulled and gone through. i've already had the heads redone and have them in the garage bagged up and waiting to go. as soon as i get some of my side projects done that i'm doing for others,...i need to pull the carpet and seat out of the truck so that i can cut the floor pan for the standard tranny. onward and forward!!!!!!