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Default How to remove a wiper motor.

Start off by marking your wipers left and right, pull em off and set them aside.
Next, remove the screws on the top side of the cowl panel, mine were all philips head, mis matched though so obviously they've been out before.

Next for safety's sake unhook your battery's negative cable. Then go up and unplug wires from the motor, the number of plugs will vary from truck to truck.

Now get that screw driver again and take out the couple of screws that hold the cowl on under the hood. You will also have to unplug the hose for your windhsield fluid "pissers". You may or may not have to remove the antenna, since mine doesn't actually unplug from this end, and tearing out the radio wasn't worth it, I just hung it on the side of the truck

I would not suggest doing this if you care about your trucks paint..

Now take off that there plate, just a couple more screws to keep track off.
With that out of the way crawl up on the hood and find the linkage

I tried that bolt first, that got me no where. I went for the clip and pulled the individual linkage pieces off.
Now you can take off the actual mounting bolts and pull the motor.

Whenever you put everything back together make sure that the hose for the wiper fluid is back on securely and get all wires plugged back up tightly and any ground wires are hooked up.