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Because of my stupidity:

And when driving down the road, I have to hold the steering wheel thusly:
If I let the steering wheel go, the steering system will attempt to center itself and cause the truck to drift right.

I put the spare on for now (right front), but I know I need to get an alignment at the least. I'm not sure how much damage I did when I hit the curb. Plus, I'll have to look for a wheel to replace the damaged one. The wheel did contact something on the inside of the rim, but I have no idea what. I'll have to get a picture of it. Plus do some visual referencing as to where the outside rim damage is to where the inside scratch is and see what it could have contacted. I used the factory jack to raise the truck, and it worked pretty good. Had the wheel swapped in under 10 minutes.

And, I didn't know this, but my truck has the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and the light is on... You can see it in the above pic.

The manual says that it will be on as long as the spare tire is in use. Huh... learned something new.

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