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Continue routing the wire to the amp. For the front doors, I went down the channels/troughs under the sill plate.

Do the same for the passenger side.

Now, bring all the wires together towards the middle of the truck, link up with the patch cable and amp remote wire, and route them to the amp.

Start making your connections at the amp. Don’t forget to label your wires. Cuz when you start getting them all together, you’re not going to remember which one goes where. And you don’t want to find out the hard way after you put everything back together and do a channel/speaker test…

Time for some soldering:

Do this for all speakers.

Now, put in all the speakers, and start putting everything back together.

Make sure you have all the connections in place on the amp, and secure the amp. Here’s how the LOC is sitting:

With the amp and back wall covering in place:

The bar that goes across, where the top of the amp is attached to, is the only place low enough that allows me to screw into. Elsewhere is single sheet metal, i.e. you drill a hole, and you’ve just created a speed hole…

And this is what it looks like in the dark:

It’s a shame that it’s covered up by the seat.

This phase was installed on 14 Mar 08.

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