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Default leave in or out of gear ????

ok at a stop light leave it in gear 20 cents - 2 dims - 1 cup of gas that aint didly . HOWEVER CHECK FOR YOUR YEAR AND MODEL OF TRANS TO SEE IF IT STILL PUMPS IN NEUTRAL OR PARK AND IF IT DOES AND YOU END UP SETTING FOR A WHILE TAKE IT OUT OF DRIVE .... ok the reason simple IF you run over sized tires have a OLD clutch fan or a ELEC fan a engine thats been bored . the trans can and WILL get hot .. most tranny have the cooler built into the rad which runs around 180-200 death to a trans STARTS at 220ish .. Install a trans temp guage YOU will be amazed how much it can change and how fast it will do it .... in 9 seconds i would go from 100 to 230 and i had a 16 row ext cooler with its own fan . That only happened when i was doing truck pulls . My moto the more i know about what my truck is doing the more i can save in repairs down the road i dont know about others out and about BUT my money tree isnt growing that much 3.19 pr gallon of gas!!