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x2 on old thread.. was brought here by seeing it in the "Similar Threads" box below. Regardless... The only time I shift to N at a stop light is if it's a long cycle. Save your tranny! I agree with what whitesleeper says above. You can possibly overheat the tranny if you leave it in gear to long without moving. I haven't witnessed this with my 2 trucks (I don't have a tranny temp gauge and desire one badly), but I have with my tanker.

Granted, it's a military vehicle, I've accidentally left one in drive with the park brakes on for a few minutes, luckily, I came back to the cab to check on something, realized it was still in drive, placed it in neutral and noticed the tranny temp was up in the 220'ish range. Oops.

Back to our trucks. Also, another reason I'll put it in N or maybe P, is if I've braked to hard. Get them hot pads off that hot rotor and some air space between. I don't want to warp them anymore than they already are. Yeah, the distance between pad and rotor isn't much when not applied, but it's something. You might scoff at my reasoning, but, I am entitled to my own opinion damint.

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