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Talking Got my new tires! Nitto Trail Grapplers

Got my new tires put on my truck this past Friday. 35x12.5x18 Nitto Trail Grapplers. My previous set of mud grapplers were pretty much slicks, so it was time to replace.

Here's a pic of the left rear:

Pretty cool that the shop goes so far as to clean the wheels and even apply tire shine.

I was also supposed to have the rear lift block swapped for a taller one that would make the back of my truck sit higher/level with the front. Turns out this shop wasn't able to do it, so I have an appointment for this coming Friday at the shop that installed the mud grapplers on my 18's.

I already took a "before" sideshot of how it sits now. I'll take an "after" to show the difference.


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