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Thanks Joey, unfortunately the closest discount tire is Virginia, way too far for me to travel for tires. From their site, they are $178 shipped, my tire place around here will install for $30 all 4, mount, balance, new stems, disposal. They are a truck tire center, but I know them, so they give me a deal. Sometimes they can get me deals on tires, but lately, they just can't touch the online prices.

Tony, with my paycheck to paycheck budget, it's easiest for me to buy one tire a month and keep them on the porch until I am ready to install. I've settled on the Hankooks, read a lot of nice things about them, great in wet and snow, awesome in mud and sand. Nice tread pattern, good looking sidewall, and the price is right where I wanna be. Sticking with 275/65/18, as like I said, I don't go offroading, and a wider tire will just create more problems as I will need fender flares and lose more gas mileage. Do you have any coupons for them?

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