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Default My codes 172,175,1137,1157

I'll give a brief history, I'm the unhelped step child on other forums and I'm not sure why.

put together a 5.4L lightning engine with port and polish heads and swapped it for the 4.6, and went with the rest of the sheep at the time to "Troyer Performance" for tuning. The truck has NEVER run correctly, though when its cold and hasn't had a chance to change loop it runs its best (almost perfect). I insist its all tuning, Troyer just shook his finger at me and said in a nutshell it was mechanical and my fault. His reasoning is my MAF is clocking ~250 AD counts on his program, and I think that was appx 1.25-1.5v at idle.

Fast forward to last week (3 yrs later)

My vacation with the camper set these codes at different intervals (camper battery dead celled and ate my batt down)
P0401 (I have egr blocked off, I expect this)

P0172 System Too Rich (Bank 1)
P0175 System Too Rich (Bank 2)
P1137 Lack Of HO2S12 Switch - Sensor Indicates Lean
P1157 Lack Of HO2S22 Switch - Sensor Indicates Lean

Wideband actions:
idle 14.5-15.8 AF/r
very minimal throttle, flat ground, closest to no load I can possibly get 14.5-15
minimal to moderate throttle on a good day (rare occurrence) 11-12.
anything else pegs the gauge rich.

Has a rolling idle when warmed up and in gear, does stall intermittently but only when building speed, if I creep 1-3mph the truck idles fine.

I'm confused now, how can I get conflicting codes like that on the same trip?

built and blueprinted Lightning powerplant with p&p heads, race built 4r70w by Darrin @ BC-Automotive
1-Ton swap Dyno 436/475
Transmission saga. avoid www.Engineworldusa.com, junk import motors.