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Originally Posted by pete59edsel View Post
How about the infamous vac. leak?
I have always had 15" of vacuum at idle, I was told the cams I chose was probably the main culprit, but I am not sure of either of those issues (cam or vac leak) but haven't found a leak yet.

Originally Posted by BigT_2000 View Post
yes, I can see where the confusion comes from, but consider this, perhaps the rich codes were thrown during coasting or idle and the lean codes during acceleration? and if it was shortly before a fuel stop, maybe your fuel filter is in need of changing?
perhaps vice versa (wideband screams rich whenever I give it gas), fuel filter was new 3 years ago and a grand total of 5k miles.

I did however get pointed to a source that says the 1137/1157 codes are set by the downstream sensors. so upstreams flag right, downstreams flag lean. Widebands all over and usually rich, I guess I should buck up and buy $100 worth of motorcraft o2's upstreams.

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