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Originally Posted by HawaiianF150 View Post
We're going back a decade plus or more ago and since i don't remember the color of the oil as it being much of a big thing I'm sure all was good to go. I do remember the trans behaving better because i had never used it on a trans before and i was skeptical.

I usually changed out the wagon's transmission oil every two years or so. Everything was relatively cheap and easy to do back then.
They make a product called Trans Tune that is what should go in the trans don't know if that's what you mean.

I killed a head gasket in a Ranger with Seafoam once. Also know of others that have done even worse. Increased cylinder pressures from excess fluid and fuel can hydro lock the engine or finish off a head gasket that's going bad. Pour slowly is pretty key.

I personally prefer the slow and easy method of putting it in the gas tank once in awhile. If you need harsher cleaning pour it in with 1/4 tank.