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It's possible that it needs to bled, so I'd start there, but it could also be the master cylinder too.

You'll need a helper to bleed the brakes. Have the helper pump the brakes 3 or 4 times and hold pressure on the brake pedal, then loosen the bleeding screw on the drum\disk brakes until either the air comes out of the pedal hit the ground. If the pedal hits the ground, tighten the bleeding screw and have the helper pump the brakes again. If the air comes out (it will almost spit at you so be ready) tighten the bleeding screw and move on to the next tire. Do this for all 4 tires, starting at the tire that is farthest away from the mast cylinder and work your way back. This means bleed the back passsnger, then the back driver, then the front passenger, then the front driver.

Good luck.

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